Web-designer, Android Developer, Entrepreneur, Programmer

Interested in working together? Email me at nur@kaldan.kz

Hi, I'm Nur Kaldan. I'm a multidisciplinary web-designer and Java developer from Almaty. I build websites, apps, infographics, and digital products. Design and develop to me is a way of life. It's not a job but a passion that you grow with every day.

I've been a self-taught designer and developer for most of my career and has been dabbling with code and creative design from time to time. I've been fortunate to work with successful entrepreneurs and talented individuals that have helped me with my journey on becoming a better developer.

At the moment I am the director of RM-production (Event agency, photostudio, photomosaic, photolight) and Hi-Res - Creating Digital Experiences (Web-studio, SEO, SEM, SMM).

I love learning and creating innovative solutions for the digital world, always striving for perfection and the best possible result. You can find me hanging around vk, facebook, instagram and telegram